“Melanie and Andy captured the tears, the laughter and the love.”

“When we set out to find our photographer, we knew as soon as we finished our Skype conversation that we wanted this couple to be a part of our big day.”

“We couldn't be happier with our choice to have Melanie & Andrew photograph our wedding.”

From the couple:





From Andrew + Melanie

When we met Aja and Doug for the first time, they told us their wedding day vision was all about close family, long time friends, good wine, savory food, celebrating old and new love, and embracing the beauty of Tahoe. We knew instantly that they were our couple!

What we didn’t know at the time was how deeply we’d be touched by their family story and wedding. Aja told us the cake topper had been in her family for generations and had sat on top of 7 other wedding cakes in her family. Her Grandparents received it as a wedding gift 65 years earlier. 

During the ceremony, Aja’s Grandmother had everyone full of laughter when she stood up to talk about love.  

“When I got married, the advice I received was to never go to bed angry…. YEAH RIGHT! That went out the window the first week! You WILL get angry.” She went on to talk about the realness of loving a spouse and keeping love alive for a lifetime. I cried and laughed and felt a huge wave of “YES” wash through me- this is something Andy and I talk about all the time. Love is real. It isn’t always butterflies but it is worth the fight.

“Love is real. It isn’t always butterflies, but it is worth the fight.”


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