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Our philosophy, the promises we'll keep, the whole process, and how to know if you're an Andrew & Melanie couple.


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relationships are the foundation of everything we do.

And the best way we can tell your story is by getting to know what’s meaningful to you. By the time wedding day arrives, we’ve normally spent time sharing a bottle of wine, laughing together at your engagement session, and building an authentic relationship with you. 

If we can spend every weekend photographing the weddings of people we truly care about, then life is good!

We don’t simply show up on your wedding day and take photographs; we tell your story. 

WE believe

To have a glass of wine or cocktail with you at some point...
To capture the moments you don’t even realize are happening...
To be a part of your family on the wedding day...
To meet you on the dance floor at the end of the night...
To capture photographs that display your love to future generations...
To preserve your story in a beautiful and authentic way....
To make you feel comfortable, confident, and alive… 


What you can expect:

To have your back, no matter what!

Wedding collections start at $4500, with most couples investing $6000 on preserving their memories.

Your wedding photos will grow in value every year for the rest of your life! 
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Your favorite time of the day is dinner.

You think the best bottle of wine is an open bottle of wine.

Your refer to your pets as members of the family.

You’re excited to see all your favorite people in one place on wedding day.

You’d pick a day in the mountains over a shopping spree.

You consider a Bloody Mary a complete meal.

You dig quality over quantity. Quality people. Quality food. Quality experiences.

You appreciate technology but believe nothing beats printed photos you can hold.



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You might be an Andrew & Melanie couple if...

This is a fun, outdoor shoot where we get to know each other better and all your fears about being in front of the camera are set at ease.

Most couples tell us they're nervous about being photographed.  So, during this relaxed session you'll see how fun and natural the experience of working with us will be.

 This way, when wedding day arrives you’ll know exactly what to expect and can focus on having fun. The best part? A beautiful, natural collection of photographs documenting your life together before your big day.

Engagement Session


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We believe your legacy deserves to be more than a moment in your social media feed. Your story is one to be told, retold and preserved for generations to come.  
This is why we offer the finest quality fine-art prints and albums. 

Most people have scratched CD’s or unreliable hard drives containing their family’s history. We ask the question: How will your children access your photographs in 10,20, 30 years? A tangible print will always be accessible to your children, grandchildren and beyond.  



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4-5 weeks after wedding day, your family and friends are invited to our home for The Reveal Party.

 This is one of our favorite parts of the wedding experience! By this time we’ve laughed and cried with you; we’ve been with you through some of the most exciting and emotional moments of your life. Sharing your photographs and memories over a glass of wine is so much fun.

The Reveal Party can be as intimate or lively as you choose. Since wedding day will go by in a flash, many couples make this a time to reconnect with friends and family. You can invite up to 20 guests and we provide wine, nibbles, and fun.

The Reveal Party

engagement session

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for more joyful moments, beautiful memories, and our life together behind the lens. 


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